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Chair CPSB speech during a PC meeting at Kwakathoka

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All Makueni county staff have committed to performance contracting for the 2019/20 financial year in a bid to improve productivity in their service. The county government is now rolling out the full performance management process for the second year running, a process that began in 2018/19 financial year. This year, the PC has seen chairpersons and chief executive officers of boards of the County’s semi-autonomous agencies like the Sand Authority, the Climate Change Board and the Makueni Fruit Processing Authority join the process. Tetheka Fund also joined signing of the PC independently, a move that is expected to improve the way it delivers its services.


Speaking during the meeting, the Chairperson Makueni County Public Service Board Mr. Benjamin Mutie confirmed that the board will work closely with the county departments to ensure that all county employees commit to their service delivery. “I want to assure you that any county public service employee who fails to sign his/her PC with their supervisor is going to face it rough with my watch” he said.


The process which began with the senior county officials is expected to cascade downwards to include all staff by the end of this month.



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