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First Makueni County Public Service Board Farewell Dinner

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Yesterday, the 15th day of August 2019, the Office of the Governor, Government of Makueni County hosted a farewell dinner for the first County Public Service Board Members. In attendance were Her Excellency the Deputy Governor - Adelina Mwau, Dauglus Mbilu - the speaker Makueni County Assembly, All County CECs, Chief Officers and other invited senior most staff of the County Executive and the Assembly.

The outgoing Board constituted Mr. Benjamin Mutie – Board Chairman, J.M. Koni – popularly known as Makueni Miss president served as the Board’s Vice Chair while Mary Muoki, Rachael Muthoka, Dr. Wambua, & Martin Mutua Served as Board Members and CS. Justus K. Kisilu as the Secretary to the Board and also CEO to the Board’s Secretariat. This team of seven members has Served for a nonrenewable term of six (6) years as mandated by Section 59 (1) of the County Governments’ Act, 2012 they have overseen recruitment, advised the County Government on Human Resource matters which has seen the County Public Service gain approvals from the public across the country.

The Members who took office on 21st August, 2013 shared their experiences during their tenure with Justus relating his roles that entailed organizing, coordinating and ensuring successful Board meetings, taking minutes of the board meetings and ensuring safe custody of the same, conveying and implementing the decisions of the Board, providing linkage between the Board, the secretariat, the departments and all stakeholders, providing strategic leadership and oversight in general administration and management of the secretariat staff for efficient and effective management and implementation of the Board’s projects, plans, programmes and activities and most importantly,  being the accounting officer of the Board. “A blend of activities that has really contributed to my professional growth”. He said. He also appealed for sober approach of management of the staff by their supervisors which would reap a maximally from them.

The Outgoing Chairperson on the other hand challenged all the management personnel to accord all staff under them the much needed support and guidance and treat them with dignity. “Let us always be willing to listen to them and value their contributions and suggestions towards achievement of departmental/organizational goals.” He said. Mr. Mutie hinted that recognizing staff input improves their self-esteem and makes everyone feel to be part of the greater family.

Mr. Mutie appealed to the appointing authority to put men and women of great wisdom so as to steer the board to the next level. “The Board is at crossroad of time and space. The Continuity based on smooth transition and desired strong legacy for the future are the key determinants. With humility and humbleness of great wisdom, veracity and integrity to steer the Board to the next level of excellence. The bar is high and has been set” he said.

The team was appreciative of the opportunity they had to Serve the county Government, and more so the encouragement, support and motivation that they received from the County Government Leadership. “That motivation ensured that without fear or favor, we were able to discharge our duties faithfully and we really would wish to say that may the Governor and the Deputy continue to guide the county to greater heights and levels of performance because that is what the CPSB would wish to see.


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