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Mary Muoki

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Ms.Mary M. Muoki holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Kenyatta University; specializing in Special Education and also, an MBA finalist student at SEKU. She is one of the youngest Members of the Makueni County Public service Board who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in Disability issues.She is also a B.O.M member in one of the secondary schools in Mbooni Sub-County.

Prior to her appointment, she was a Special Education teacher in Makueni County, after seven years of managing Ngiluni Small Home for Physically Handicapped Children in Mbooni District as the Teacher in Charge.

Mary is a very humble lady with a practical approach to problem solving and has a great eye for detail. She is supportive towards other people, especially those living with disability. She also has an excellent ability to remain good-humoured and unflappable even under pressure. Her dream is to see a barrier free society where persons living with disability in Makueni County enjoy full Human Rights by being recognized, fully included and respected.

Her duties as board member and a member of EARS committee includes:

  • Spearheading development and implementation of County recruitment and selection policies, promotion policy among other policies related to the mandate of the committee
  • Reviewing and approving departmental structures and job descriptions submitted to the board by relevant departments.
  • Reviewing recruitment requests from departments in line with approved structures and staffing levels
  • Ensure declared vacancies are advertised in high circulation print and electronic media
  • Prepare guiding notes and selection criteria for short listing of applicants
  • Ensure shortlisting of candidates is done according to the laid down procedures and advert requirements
  • Preparation of interview schedule interviews, constitution of interview panels and invite resource persons required by the board.
  • Preparation of interview tool/questions and ensure all candidates shortlisted are communicated through the office
  • Constitute the interview panel and invite panelists
  • Undertake/guide the interviews
  • Ensure selection of best candidates is done according to the laid down regulations and all candidates are informed accordingly.
  • Ensure the applicants database is regularly updated
  • Ensure employees are confirmed to positions upon completion of the probation period and renew employment contracts including casuals.
  • Coordinate monitoring and evaluation of the recruitment and selection process
  • Develop and submit quarterly reports to the Board on EARS activities
  • Evaluate organizational structure of departments and advise on optimal staffing levels
  • Advise the departments on redeployment and re-designations of officers, Job group of varies cadres


Address to: The Secretary/CEO MCPSB P.O. Box 49 – 90300, MAKUENI.
Tel. +254 (0)20 202 6751
Office Location:
Unoa Road off Wote – Makindu Road, past Makueni Girls