Past Jobs

Internal advertisement for Vacancies in the department of Roads,Transport,Energy and Public works (Closed 18/08/2022) Internal advertisements for Vacancies in the departments of Education, Sports & ICT and Office of the County Secretary (Closed 18/08/2022) Internal advertisements for Vacancies in the departments of Health Services  (Closed 18/08/2022)


  Develop and implement a County recruitment and selection policy Review recruitment requests from departments Advertise vacancies in high circulation print and electronic media Record and file job applications received Prepare guiding notes and selection criteria Undertake short-listing of the applicants Schedule interviews and invitation of candidates Prepare interview tool/questions Constitute the interview panel and […]

Training and Development, Monitoring and Reporting (T&D) Committee

  Training and Development ​Advise the County Government on Training and Development Advise the Chief Officers on implementation of training and development policy Approve long term training courses in accordance with service regulations Facilitate Training Needs Assessment (TNA) for the County Public Service Advise County Government on development and implementation of mentorship, volunteerism and internship […]

Planning, Monitoring and Reporting

Coordinate and monitor the implementation of the Boards Strategic plans Coordinate and monitor the development and implementation of annual plans Coordinate the development of the Boards training budget Plan and undertake periodic sensitization to promote in the county public service the Values and Principles referred to in Articles 10 and 232 of the Constitution of […]