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Please be notified that the Makueni County Public Service Board does not charge any fee at any stage of the recruitment process (application, shortlisting, interviewing, and/or offer). Any form of Canvassing leads to automatic disqualification; & it is a criminal offense to produce fake certificates during interview, or to impersonate an applicant.   The Makueni County Government is an equal Opportunity Employer; Youth, Women, Persons with Disabilities and other disadvantaged persons are encouraged to apply for advertised Jobs.
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Makueni County Public Service

Article 235 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 provides that County Governments are responsible, within a framework of Uniform norms and Standards prescribed by an Act of Parliament, for establishing and abolishing offices in its Public Service, Appointing Persons to hold or act in those Offices, and Confirming appointments, and Exercising disciplinary Control over and removing persons holding or acting in those offices. Section 57 of the County Governments Act 2012 actions article 235 of the constitution by providing for the establishment of County Public Service Boards for each County as a body corporate with perpetual succession and seals capable of suing and being sued in their corporate names.

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Human Resource Planning

The County Public Service

• Facilitate the development and implementation of an integrated human resource plan for the County Public Service • Liaise with the other committees for the purpose of information and consultations • Develop and regularly update the county HR database • Advise and coordinate County Human Resource Planning
• Liaise closely with County Secretary who is the Head of County Public Service on HRM issues
• To achieve best practices by Bench marking with the Public Service Commission of Kenya and other commissions and other organizations on Human Resource Management
• Make recommendations to SRC on remunerations, pensions and gratuities for County public service employees.

Disciplinary Control

discipline manual & implementation

• Develop a discipline manual and facilitate its implementation
• Investigate and advise the Board on all disciplinary cases
• Follow up on the decisions of the Board on disciplinary matters.

Performance contracting

Performance Management

• Advice the County Government on performance contracting

• Review the performance management tools and roll out for implementation

• Facilitate staff to have work plans and performance targets

• Ensure mid and end year performance reviews are carried out across the county

• Report to the Board on all matters relating to performance management.

Employees Relations

Industrial peace and harmony

• Participate in maintaining industrial peace and harmony in the County

• Facilitate negotiations between the County Government and the trade unions for terms and conditions of service for unionisable staff

• Advise the County Government on industrial relations and Labour Laws

• Promote efficiency and productivity in the County Public Service through healthy industrial relations.

• Ensure diversity, inclusiveness and equity at the work place as per article 10 (2) (b) of the Constitution of Kenya 2010

• Advise the County Government on OSHA, WIBA, Labour Relations Act 2007, Employment Act 2007 and Labour Institutions Act 2007

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